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Lauren Maxey



The Bee People



I'm Lauren Maxey, a photographer and documentary filmmaker. Raised half city, half country, my love for nature really took off when I had a two year experience living on a farm.

I fell in love with photography from a young age, along with travelling, meeting new people and learning about different cultures beyond stereotypes. My passions and interests led me to studying a MA in Anthropology and Documentary film, where I learnt the skills of story telling and communication.

I have numerous Assistant Producer credits from DocHearts, Studio Ramsay, Betty Productions, HBO and BBC Studios.

I was fortunate enough to spend two years of my career working on Countryfile with the BBC, where I had the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of our country, from mountains to beaches. Filming, casting, scripting, editing and producing across a wide span of topics, from the illegal eel trade to the infinite and diverse research and conservation projects.

I am privileged to be able to dedicate my career to our natural world, being one of many voices for the climate crisis, helping to educate people of our responsibility to protect and ensure the future of our planet, and the species that also call this place home.


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